The company VERRE ET VITRAIL is able to offer the following training :

Training for children

The approach and the pedagogy are adapted according to the age.

Training for adults

One Sunday a month, you will be trained on all glass-making techniques (Tiffany, painting on glass, glass beads, traditional stained glass) with a friendly lunch. This training is aimed at people living near the workshop (within 2 hours driving).

Specific training

35-hour week training courses are available where every trainee will leave with his/her completely finished stained glass. These training courses will cover a particular technique among the following: traditional stained glass, Tiffany stained glass, glass beads, painting on glass. The training is open to all, even for trainees without previous experience.

If you are interested, there is a possibility of accommodation in the hotels of Monthermé or surrounding bed and breakfast establishments.

Training in public institutions

These are aimed at middle schools, colleges, high school’s, AFPA centres (NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR ADULT VOCATIONAL TRAINING).

Despite all the kinds of training available, there are also other activities such as colloquiums and conferences on glass and the diverse declensions, Middle-Age stained glasses, traditional stained glass, glass blowing.

For more information, feel free to contact us.

Starting from nothing to arrive at a complete and complex work, this is what we are able to offer you in the various training courses.

To enable you to make the necessary research regarding the choice of design, the marriage of colours, to enable you to admire in the end a unique work with its own vibratory echo, this is what VERRE ET VITRAIL company is able to pass on to you.

Allowing you the satisfaction of seeing what you are capable of achieving.

To arrive at this point, it will be of course necessary to work with existing panel manufacturing to get acquainted with the actual techniques of cutting and assembling.