Designing and manufacturing

This can be summed up in the conception of glass panels, simple, geometric or Tiffany, chosen from a catalogue.

In a short time stained glass windows can be created fully to your personal specification, to suit style & design of eiher a, window frame, house or region all at very competitive rates.

You are also welcome to bring your own designs & ideas to ‘VERRE ET VITRAIL’, to create as gifts for relatives & friends. We are able to offer the creation of intricate designs specific to your individual wishes.

In both cases, you will have a unique opportunity to own an object with a high personal value to yourself that can be admired by your family & friends.

Glasswork and its techniques are vast. Do not limit yourself : dare to be audacious & inventive.

Fusing, for instance, can take various forms: from the simple object of decoration to sport trophies & highly ornate & decorative tableware, again customized to your personal specification.

We can also think of pearls spun with a blowtorch becoming jewels and finery, glass paving stones turned into coloured wells of light thus giving another life to a room usually in the darkness.